Kontio is an innovation consulting firm that helps businesses achieve their goals by providing high-quality, customized consulting services. We analyse businesses from first principles and curate research and product strategies that help companies start and follow an exponential growth curve.

Our Process

Discover: rethink and reassess client problems by conducting deep research.
Analyse: curate detailed analysis of the client's business and their goals.
Define: collaborate closely to define the scope to ensure goals and objectives.
Implement: partner with decision makers to ensure successful engagement.

Product Strategy

Help you develop clear and actionable business strategies and product propositions that resonate with your target, while align with your goals and objectives.

Engineering Strategy

Dashboards, SaaS, custom services, mobile apps, or more - if you have an engineering problem, we have a solution

Technology Strategy

Projects taking too long? Unsure if you're moving in the right technical direction? Organizational issues? We'll get you back on track in no time.

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